Expert conservation and restoration of paintings in museums, galleries, private collections and Churches

Collections and Individual Commissions

We are specialists in the conservation and restoration of collections or of individual works of art on canvas or on panel.We have extensive knowledge, acquired in museums, Churches, galleries and historic houses over many years.


In the Frome studio, Rosalind Whitehouse undertakes conservation work on individual paintings, and is joined by Susan M. Moore for on-site projects.
Collaborative relationships with other conservators mean that Rosalind can put together a team for large projects, or commission specialist scientific services such as paint sample analysis and x-ray investigation.

Conservation, Cleaning , Restoration

All sorts of things can hamper our appreciation of paintings, or threaten their stability. Whether it’s dirt and discoloured varnish, tears in canvas or splits in wood, or even flaking paint, find out what we do on our Services menu.
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