Rosalind Whitehouse

Frome, Somerset, United Kingdom 

Studio of Rosalind Whitehouse, MA, ACR, FBAPCR

Accredited  Paintings Conservator - Restorer



Assessment and/or Survey

 If you have one or more paintings, and are unsure of how best to hang or house them, or of what condition they are in, then perhaps it is time to have them assessed.

Often, a picture is  brought to the studio and left there for assessment.

For larger pictures or for collections, a conservator will visit and inspect the paintings in their settings, and make written recommendations.

These may be along the lines of ‘preventive conservation’, such as describing measures to keep sunlight from falling on a piece, or fixing a canvas more securely in its frame – or to the wall! Temperature and relative humidity changes are important considerations, and the conservator will make recommendations about these and about lighting.

On occasions, structural problems may be identified which will require that a painting be removed to the studio for more thorough inspection, or there may be agreement that a  painting needs cleaning. In this case, a Conservation Report will be written for the client to consider.

Guidelines may be given for continuing care of the pictures.

If there is uncertainty about the effects which the prevailing conditions may be having on a painting, the conservator may set up an environmental monitoring programme.

In any event, a valued collection – even if it is small – will benefit from regular inspection so that problems may be prevented from developing. Documentation procedures can be put in place so that the success of conservation treatments in the future will not be limited by lack of information.


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Rosalind Whitehouse,
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