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Frome, Somerset, United Kingdom 

Studio of Rosalind Whitehouse, 

Accredited Paintings Conservator - Restorer

Repair of tears by reweaving and/or by lining

A tear in a canvas painting is one of the most dramatic forms of damage.

Fortunately they are repairable, and with restoration can become invisible.

Conservators prefer to make repairs which interfere as slightly as possible with the art object. For this reason, techniques have been developed for mending tears by weaving the threads back together, and joining them with carefully chosen adhesive. This work is necessarily laborious, and is performed under a microscope.

When complete, the torn area of canvas should be  flat again, and the areas where paint particles have been lost are filled and retouched to match the surrounding paint. 

Sometimes the painting must be lined. A selection of adhesive is made, and the canvas is 'backed' with new linen or polyester fabric  to give a transparent lining where there are important features on the back of the painting.

Photographs and written records will provide full information for any future conservators so that their treatments may be as safe and as efficient as possible.

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Rosalind Whitehouse,
22 Slipps Close, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1FW