Rosalind Whitehouse

Frome, Somerset,United Kingdom 

Studio of Rosalind Whitehouse, MA, ACR, FBAPCR

Accredited  Paintings Conservator - Restorer


Removal of grime, discoloured varnish coatings, and old darkened and discoloured repaints.



Stages in cleaning (above)

These are the layers which all too often obscure the real colours and artistic intention of the painting.

They can also act as agents of deterioration. Grime can be surprisingly aggressive in its effects, and varnishes can exert traction on the paint layers beneath.

They can be removed with the use of carefully chosen solvents and reagents, or sometimes mechanically with scalpels under magnification.

In most cases, old repaints have covered far greater an area of the painting than was necessary .

When retouching losses, we use modern reversible resins and pigments, and work under magnification so that the restoration is restricted to the re-integration of damaged areas.

Telephone: 01373 229266

Rosalind Whitehouse,
22 Slipps Close, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1FW