Rosalind Whitehouse

Frome, Somerset, United Kingdom 

Studio of Rosalind Whitehouse, MA, ACR, FBAPCR

Accredited  Paintings Conservator - Restorer

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MA (hons) degree in Fine Art at the University of Edinburgh.

Trained at National Gallery, London, on a Government Conservation and Restoration   Training scheme.

Accredited by NCCR (The National Council for Conservation and Restoration) in 2000, and subsequently by ICON, the Institute of conservation (ACR).

Awarded Fellowship of The British Association of Painting Conservator-Restorers (B.A.P.C.R)

Served on the Council of the BAPCR.

Has contributed research papers to professional conferences, most recently at the 2017 BAPCR conference. ĎA Changing Art: Nineteenth Century Painting Practice and Conservationí, (see conference postprints by Archetype Publications Ltd ISBN: 9781909492547)

Contributed articles and reviews to ' The Picture Restorer'

Served the Institute of Conservation by working with the Continuing Professional Development review panel.



Telephone: 01373 229266


Rosalind Whitehouse,
22 Slipps Close, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1FW