Rosalind Whitehouse

Frome, Somerset,United Kingdom 

Studio of Rosalind Whitehouse, MA, ACR, FBAPCR

Accredited  Paintings Conservator - Restorer


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Evelene Bell Fine Art Consultant

Evelyne Bell is internationally recognised as the leading authority on Henry Walton and has also gained a reputation as an authority on the art of Gravelot.

Evelyne is an independent fine art consultant who specialises in 18th and early 19th century art.


Sudbury Picture Frames

The manufacturing techniques used at Sudbury Picture Frames are largely unchanged since the 19th century. We take traditionally shaped wooden mouldings covered with smooth layers of gesso*.

If the design of the frame is serpentine or ‘swept’, then parts of the wooden frame are carved away to give the shaped outline, with piercing through some of the decorative elements.

We have hundreds of moulds, which we use to make the decorative details. These are applied to the frame in the form of flowers, leaves, scrolls, or classical patterns.


*Gesso is an art supply used as surface preparation or primer for painting, gilding, and sculpting. Its origins are uncertain, but gesso is believed to have been developed in Italy, since the word gesso is Italian for 'chalk'. Preparation varies according to intended use, but usually consists of mixing glue with plaster, chalk, or gypsum


Telephone: 01373 229266.


Rosalind Whitehouse,
22 Slipps Close, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1FW