Rosalind Whitehouse

Frome, Somerset,United Kingdom 

Studio of Rosalind Whitehouse, MA, ACR, FBAPCR

Accredited  Paintings Conservator - Restorer

Documentation, photographs of work in progress and Treatment Reports.

Every time a painting receives conservation treatment, records are made, to be kept with the painting so that future conservators will not only know how best to plan any new treatment, but also that they may assess as time goes by the performance of materials used. 

Labels are preserved, and records are kept of inscriptions and of other details which may be temporarily or permanently covered. Photographs are taken of work in progress to illustrate the Treatment Report, which describes the  procedures and materials used in the conservation/restoration treatment. The extent of the photographic record will be dictated by  the importance of the painting and/or the complexity of the treatments carried out.

Telephone: 01373 229266.

Rosalind Whitehouse,
22 Slipps Close, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1FW